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We make quality corks and closures
taking care of your wines flavour and taste

We have been producing cork stoppers for 40 years. Since when, in 1963, we started processing cork, that precious resource Nature gave to the forest of Gallura and Barbagia, in the heart of Sardinia island.
We take care directly of cork processing in all steps: from the extraction of raw material from selected and partially owned oaks, up to product packaging, going through the accurate selection of corks into visual quality classes … to offer you the ideal cork stoppers for your wines, champagne, grapes.

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Not only cork stoppers can be obtained from our renowned cork: we produce and offer granulated cork for building industries in various granule sizes, great as termic and acoustic isolation material; cork discs for several use.
Our experience and flexibility make possible to produce on customer demand each kind of cork manufactures to be used as product or semi-finished material for any industries.


We adopt forefront technologies, to produce high quality cork stoppers, absolutely sterile and with no organoleptic deviations.
Our production process only uses natural sterilizing products, approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Our internal laboratory is constantly working on
- step-by-step monitoring of process
- improving products by finding new technical solutions
Quality certification

The whole process is oriented according to existing civil laws, and we deeply respect natural cycles.

Sargalese has adopted the code of C. E. Liége (European Confederation of Cork), and we are about to obtain C.E. Liége quality certificate.



Sede produttiva: Zona Industriale Alta Gallura - 07029 Tempio Pausania (SS), Italy
Sede legale: Via Mazzini 15/A - 07023 Calangianus (SS), Italy
e-mail: info@srgcorks.com